Hygiene Policy

Health & Safety Info

We understand you may feel anxious resuming back to normal life, so while we have been in lockdown we have been preparing our studio just for you. Feel free to ask any of us at any time about all that we do to provide for your safety.

In light of the recent outbreak of COVID-19, it is even more important that we take our studio hygiene to the next level. The safety of our clients is paramount, therefore we have taken the following steps and precautions to help you feel more at ease when visiting us. Please relax and enjoy our services!
  • Cleaned and disinfected all surfaces, tools and appliances 
  • Sanitised stations, chairs, handles, toilet facilities
  • Acquired appropriate PPE and hand sanitisers 
  • We have updated our knowledge on essential infection control and hygiene procedures including COVID-19 updates – We have the certificates to prove it! Please ask if you would like to see
  • Hand sanitiser is provided and you will be asked to use it
  • Disposable paper towels are available for drying hands instead of towels
  • We now use disposable cups for refreshments 
  • We have a clear cleaning schedule which can be viewed on request
  • We will be cleaning hair stations more thoroughly between clients
  • Minimal client contact. We have limited the number of visitors to the salon to comply with Social Distancing regulations. Hair appointments must come alone where possible. Prom appointments – 2 accompanying adults can attend the appointment.
  • Use debit/credit cards for payment – contactless when possible
  • Please cancel your appointment if a) you are ill or b) showing COVID-19 cough and temperature symptoms. Please give as much notice as you can 
  • Please use our hand sanitisers on entering and leaving
  • Please wash hands thoroughly when using our toilet facilities and dispose of paper towels in the waste bin provided
  • For hair appointments please attend alone when possible
  • For prom appointments we have a limit of 2 accompanying guardians. Prom appointments MUST be supervised by a guardian